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Q: Can I get technical help from your Customer Service as a trial version user.
A: Sure, we provide free support for both registered and trial users. Even if you're just evalulating our software, we're happy to help. Contact our Customer Service Center with any questions you may have.

Q: I'm having problems downloading files from this site. How can I get the file?
A: For trial versions, we usually provide more than one download URL for you. Therefore, if the download failed on your first attempt, please make sure your connection is working properly and try again by clicking another one. All our software also published in CNET If you are still experiencing problems downloading, report a downloading problem to our support center. We'll fix the problem ASAP.

Q: What are the system requirements?
Minimum system requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista (installation of all recent updates is recommended)
Intel or AMD or compatible processors at 1 GHz minimum
Display graphics minimum resolution of 800x600x 32-bit color
RAM 128 megabytes (MB)
Minimum 5 MB of free hard disk space is needed for installation, minimum 20 Mb for proper operation
Administrative permissions are required for some applications

Recommended system requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista with all recent updates installed
Intel or AMD or compatible processors at 1.5 GHz or higher
Display graphics minimum resolution of 800x600x 32-bit color RAM
Minimum 256 megabytes (MB) or higher
1 GB of free hard disk space for proper operation Quick Time Player for Windows for MOV-files processing
Administrative permissions are required for some applications installation
Sound card

Q: How To Update?
A: If you have installed a previous version , you can easily update it by installing the most recent trial version over top or uninstall old version before install new one. Register new version with same license file.

Q: I like several products, can I run it on same PC?
A: Of course. You can use all our products.

Q: Need Internet access to run application?
A: No, some our applications only check for new version. (if it possible). If you use some our internet downloaders, then you need PC connected to internet.

Q: After I finish the conversion to AVI, I can only get the audio playback in Windows Media Player while it shows that I need download certain codec. No video can be watched. Why?
A: The default codec for AVI output in our program is XviD. If you do not have this codec installed on your PC, you will not be able to play the file. Please download XviD codec for free. After the installation, Windows Media Player will be able to play AVI files produced by our program.

Q: When I try to convert my DVD to WMV format, the program simply and quickly shows "Complete" for the conversion. But the output files are only in a few KB, apparently not playable. Why?
A: Please check the version of your Windows Media Player. If it is not latest version, please get it upgraded from It is free.

Q: After my DVD is ripped, I get a quite low/high volume. Is it possible to raise/lower it?
A: Please open "Input DVD Settings", "Audio settings", you will find the option for "Volume". The default value is 3. You can enter a smaller or larger number for it (0-10). If you are not sure that you enter correct value, simply click to "Reset to Defaults".

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