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Q: I recently purchased your product. Unfortunately, after more then 12 hours i still did not get my registration. Why?
A: Regarding this issue, please contact our merchant service share-it!. We have no informations about your order before successfully processed.
If you didn't receive the registration message from us within 24 hours, it usually means that the e-mail message that we sent to you was lost because of some technical problems with one of the mail relay servers, or could not be delivered to your mailbox. Also, quite frequently the problem is with misconfigured
SPAM filters, whenever they detect words like "purchase" or "order" in the message body or subject, they block it.
Please contact us and provide us valid order number (Share-it reference number) and if it possible also any secondary e-mail addreess where we can send bought license to you.

Q: Can't seem to find any help file. Why?
A: Our softwares haven't any manual. All customers have full trial period for test and understand all functions. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: I've cycled through different screen resolutions without having any luck. The program window is chopped off and I can't resize it. Why?
A: In Windows/Display Properties/Apperance (activate it by right-click on screen) can set the font size back to normal (96 dpi) possible you use 120 dpi font size.

Q: I recently purchased the license for your software. It worked fine before, but everything I try just fails. Please help me.
A: If you have some trouble with FLV (flash video) downloader applications, please check if you have installed the latest version and upgrade your software. Latest version you can download from our website.

Q: I have Windows Vista OS. Converter application said some error.
A: Some our softwares run child conversion process at another exe. You must allow this process. Change the security restrictions and turn your user agent control off in Windows Vista OS or run the program with right click and choose "Run as administrator" and then Allow "I trust this program".

Q: My computer is about two years old and I would need to change to a new one soon or later. Perhaps in one to two years. Is it still possible to use your program in a new computer?
A: Yes, Anytime you change the computer, you can use bought software. Your license will be valid on new computer if software was deleted from old.

Q: Can I watch converted videos in my home cinema?
A: Yes, software made XviD and DivX AVI outputs usable to standard Windows systems and also major home cinema players.

Q: Can I see the output while unfinished?
A: Can't play unfinished avi (divx or xvid) files. Please wait until process finished successfully.

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