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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an easy way to be alerted when new content appears on your favorite websites.

How do I view RSS Feeds?

You will need a RSS reader that will download and display RSS feeds for you. There are several free and commercial News Readers that are available for download and most are free.

  • Pluck is an application that works as an add-on to the Internet Explorer browser. In addition to being an RSS reader, Pluck has several other applications to help search, retrieve, organize, and share content.
    Anyone with a MyYahoo account can subscribe to 1800 Soft RSS feeds by clicking on a myYahoo button. This will automatically add the particular feed to your MyYahoo page. If you don't have a MyYahoo page, registration is free at my.yahoo.com.
  • FeedDemon is a standalone RSS reader for Windows that you can purchase or download for a free trial.
  • NewsGator is an RSS reader that integrates with Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to manage and view news feeds the same way as email. You can download a free trial or purchase it. NewsGator also offers a free web-based RSS reader.

Once you have installed a news reader, you can subscribe to 1800 Soft feeds by dragging the orange RSS button corresponding to the feed you want into your reader's feed list or by copying and pasting the feed's URL (displayed after the orange RSS button has been selected) into your reader—the process may vary according to the reader you've chosen.

How do I Listen to Podcasts?
Click the orange RSS Podcast button to open the XML file in your browser.
In the browser's address bar, select the URL, and copy it to the clipboard.
Follow the instructions from your favorite Podcatching program for subscribing to a podcast.
If you use iTunes, you can subscribe by clicking the RSS Subscribe button.


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