How to convert any video files to mobile phones 3G2 / 3GP / MP4 ?

Now you be able and known about how to convert video to mobile phones
convert video  Step1
Download and install our software Video Converter here. If You are running under Windows Vista please read and follow instructions in ReadMe.txt file after installation. We respect your privacy.
So there are no spyware and adware in all our software.

converting video  Step2
Run our software. Click to "Open File" and find your favourite video which you would like convert to most recent video formats as MP3, WAV, avi, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, vob, xvid, divx etc ... Application also supports predefined profiles for most popular mobile devices as Apple TV, PSP, Zune, 3GP mobile phone, apple ipod and iPhone.

video conversion  Step3

Choose one of the predefined profiles or set the output properties but for novice users it is recommended to select one of the default 3GP/3GPP profiles.

3GP or .3gp is the third generation video standard. It integrates mp3, mp4, 3gpp, 3g3p and 3g2.

3GP is a multimedia container format defined by 3GPP for use on 3G mobile phones. It is a simplified version of MPEG-4 Part 14 (MP4). 3GP files have the filename extension .3gp or .3g2.

3GP stores video streams as MPEG-4 or H.263, and audio streams as AMR-NB or AAC-LC formats. 3GP files are always big-endian. 3GP also describes image sizes and bandwidth, so content is correctly sized for mobile display screens.

3GP files are viewable on a PC using QuickTime or RealPlayer.

Click on "Convert"

change video format  Step4

Now you can enjoy your saved video in standard windows media player, or your portable device as Apple TV, iPhone, PSP, Pocket PC, Zune, MP3 or 3GP Cell Phone, on your DVD player or AVI for home cinema.

Watch the converted video file on Cell Phone.
Now you can also put the Transflash/MiniSD into it's adapter, then insert it into your computer's SD card reader. Go to the My_Flix folder (or similar) on the card, and drag the .3pg file on your desktop into that folder. Go ahead and put the card in your phone, power up, and go to the My Flix menu. It may take a moment to load. Now select your movie from the menu. I found a full-length movie will take about 3 minutes to load.

video converter usage  Recomendations
Our software provides the fastest speed to convert videos to other video formats, offers you the most convenient task management and easiest control capability. We highly recommend. Free download to try our applications, enjoy it right now.


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